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Color Printing On A Tight Budget

The wide array of colors available in printing today offer a lot of option to all people with printing needs. This wide array of choices tempts people to use a lot of colors and some other extras that they don’t really need for the print job. This often leads to excessive spending and waste of money. Hence, in order to save money and create a stylish and alluring print job, it is essential to decide what color and how much color to use beforehand. This is the first thing you should think of be........ Read More

Color Postcard Printing As Business Catalysts

Color postcard printing has already gone a long way since its discovery. Nowadays, it is widely used. Whatever you are doing, wherever you are at a certain point in time, I am pretty sure that you have been affected or will be greatly affected by the powerful impact of postcards. This persuasion has inspired businesses to come up with compelling designs and text and use them in postcards so as to guide viewers to them. In the world of business professionals at large all over the world, you will........ Read More

The Changes That Goes With Color Printing

As an answer to the ever increasing demand for color printing, paper manufacturers have developed new grade of papers that can equal the quality of the commercially used printing papers (offset or rotogravure printing papers). These new developed printing papers shows the same smoothness, brightness and opacity that are just perfect for any type of printing process. Plus with the continuous increase in the market share of ink jets and the equally high demand for quality ink jet printing especia........ Read More

Custom Flag Printing - Is White A Color?

This question I don’t really get asked its more I see when a person requests a quote and say’s "I would like a custom flag made using my logo the colors in my logo are navy blue, red, yellow and white" After being a custom flag maker for many years I have found out that many flag manufacturers out there especially the one's on the internet say that the custom flag above is 4 colors when they send the quote. I would like to tell you right now! This is not true!! The flag above is only 3 c........ Read More

Personalized Color Wholesale Printing

Company image is the most treasured and cared aspect in business. It must be treated that way so as not to yield trust and loyalty. In the business world if you have outstanding company image, it means, more people are patronizing your products and services. It is means you are famed by your excellent dedication in catering to individuals needs and wants and that dedication extends up to the point of knowing whether they are fulfilled by what you are offering to them. There are a lot of ways ........ Read More

4 Color Printing And Pantone

Colors exact attitude and moods. They are essential in a way that they give off meaning and feelings. This is also true with the printing systems. The two common color printing systems used in printing services are Pantone and CMYK. Let us tackle them one by one. Pantone Matching System (PMS), Spot color or Pantone color is a color system based on a set of inks which are mixed to produce solid colors. These colors are now used in printing your job order. The colors here are mixed prior to mixi........ Read More

Color Printing By The Experts

Are you looking to have professional color printing? The number of products that you can purchase from color printing professionals will amaze you. In fact, with all of the products available, you will find that an array of unique services is on offer that can assist you in a variety of endeavors. Maybe you are looking to have professionally printed brochures for your business. Why struggle with your home printer and panic while you search for just the right kind of paper for your brochures in ........ Read More

Differences In Color Brochure Printing

Brochures are commonly used by business owners for trade show handouts, as information sheets, or basically for promoting products and services to target clients. In addition to your design and layout, the more effective brochure printing pieces are usually those done in full color. Choosing the most suitable brochure printing colors though has a significant effect not only to your overall look and feel of your promotional items, but most importantly, to the impact it can have on your prospec........ Read More

Color Printing On Wholesale

Before printing machines were invented, there were very limited opportunities to read books or create large volumes of documents. Because the only way to reproduce documents was to copy it by hand, the process was slow, expensive and reserved only to materials worth copying. Today, however, with advancements on technology printing does not only allow you to produce large volumes of copies but also lets you produce them in crisp and stunning colors. Successful color printing involves paying att........ Read More

Color Printing A Notch Higher

If you want to take your color printing into the next level, you may want to put it in your site or in any other form of getting people to read them. It cannot be denied though that there are some things people love and hate to see, whether offline or online, in the printing mediums that other people, companies and businesses use. Take, for example, in some web sites. When flashes first came into existence, web site owners wanted to have a piece of the action. Who doesn’t? See, that is trend ........ Read More

Teasing Colors In Printing Services

People are basically visual creatures. They are easily turned on by what they see. The outrageousness of the design, graphics and colors teases their sense of sight. It sends excitement and thrill that generates more appetite to stare longer and be charmed. Among design, graphics and color, the latter is the most difficult to show accurately. This is because color perception can be affected by lots of factors. First, it depends on the structure of a person’s eye. The viewer may be colorblin........ Read More

The Good Thing About Full Color Printing On Catalogs

Several companies are now interested in the business industry particularly in catalog printing since many companies are using catalogs as their promotional material to be able to give information to their potential customers and to show the pictures of their products that can be purchase from their company. In some cases, catalogs are being used as to show services that can be offered by certain businesses as well. Perhaps these are some reason why there are more companies that are interested ........ Read More

Going Digital On Color Printing

If you are one of the many people who are looking for the best and new way of color print, look into digital color printing. Digital color printing offers the cleanest, best looking print. Nowadays, most commercial printing companies offer digital color printing. Digital color printing is clearly an added value to all printing companies to their print offering, and widens their reach into profitable new markets. Using digital color printing, you may be able to switch jobs very quickly, even wi........ Read More


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